T&C of sales

Keep in mind!

The ticket must be printed or presented in e-ticket mode to the hostess (if present in the arrivals area of the airport) or to the crew.

  • Tickets can be purchased online up to 72 hours before arrival/departure. If the passenger does not have a travel document can be admitted on board, subject to seat availability, following the issuance of a regular travel document by the on-board or to the crew.
  • TICKET DETAILS (dates, arrival/departure airport, route, stops, telephone numbers) MUST BE CAREFULLY CHECKED by the Customer at the time of booking. FlySki Shuttle is not responsible for errors attributable to incorrect typing of data by the customer. If the Customer finds errors, these must be communicated by calling the call center (tel. +39 0461 391111) or by email to booking@flyskishuttle.com within 48 hours of receipt of the ticket for prompt correction.
  • The ticket must be kept and presented (even in e-ticket mode) to the hostess (where present in the airport arrivals area) or to the crew.
  • Arriving passengers at the airport must report immediately to the FlySki hostess.
  • Departing passengers must be at the pick-up point at least 15 minutes before the pick-up time indicated on the ticket.
  • There may be delays in departure with up to 45 minutes of waiting. FlySki Shuttle is not responsible for longer delays due to weather conditions and/or intense traffic and/or delayed connections. Please note that the arrival times are purely indicative.
  • On some routes, changes of vehicle are possible for service needs.
  • The ticket includes the free transport of one piece of hand luggage and one checked piece of luggage for each paying person. Reservations are required for extra baggage and, regardless of weight and size, the payment of a supplement of 10.00 Euros each way is required. It is the Customer’s responsibility to check their baggage during transport.
  • The transport of dogs, cats or other small pets is allowed only upon reservation and has a cost of 10.00 Euros each way.
  • For the transport of skis, reservations are required and the payment of 5.00 Euros per bag for each route is required.
  • Damaged/lost baggage – Remember that baggage must be labeled indicating the passenger’s surname, first name and address, as well as the place of departure and the place of arrival. It is forbidden for the passenger to transport goods or dangerous substances and valuables. In the event of damage or loss of luggage, the passenger is required to immediately notify the crew or by sending a report via email to: booking@flyskishuttle.com
  • Cancellations and Refunds: the Customer has the right to a refund of the ticket only if the cancellation is made in writing via email, up to 7 days before departure (in the case of a round trip, the date of the outward journey is valid). Reimbursement is not foreseen for return travel only.
  • No Show: in case of No Show for the outward journey, we automatically cancel the return ticket, unless promptly reconfirmed by telephone or e-mail.
  • It is forbidden to take on the bus any kind of beverage (alcoholic or not) during the transfer without the permission of the driver. The infringement of this rule will result in an immediate removal of the passenger from the vehicle and the interruption of the transfer service.
  • At the sole discretion of the hostess, driver and/or other personnel on duty: passengers who are disruptive, offensive and/or harmful towards either personnel or other passengers won’t be allowed on board and no refund will be given.
  • The passenger is required to collaborate with FlySki Shuttle in order to guarantee the quality and safety of the service, respecting these transport conditions.
  • The passenger is liable to FlySki Shuttle for damage caused to the bus, its furnishings and staff as well as for damage caused to other passengers and their belongings during transport.
  • FlySki Shuttle is a brand of the Tour Operator Trentino holidays – Via dei Solteri 78 – 38121 Trento – Italy – VAT number 00612970228

Addendum for Private and Premium Transfer services

Private Transfer

  • Service without waiting, therefore the driver will be on the requested place at the time established by the applicant.
  • In the event of unforeseeable delays on flights or trains, the driver will wait and supplements will only be applied for more than 60 minutes of waiting. Flights and trains are generally monitored in real time and the departure of the carrier is postponed in the event of delays in order to avoid waiting at the airport or station and related supplements, unless otherwise specified by the requesting service.
  • The transport of pets is allowed, which must be communicated at the time of booking and for which the customer remains responsible if it compromises the cleanliness of the vehicle.

Fiemme Premium Transfer

  • Service comparable to a private transfer, usable at a reduced and guaranteed price.
  • The Customer acknowledges that the service is not exclusive, therefore the ride could be shared with other people. The customer is also aware of the possibility of a reasonable wait for the landing and baggage collection of other passengers; since it is a home service, stops are possible during the journey for passengers to pick up or drop off.
  • The transport of small pets in a carrier is permitted where this does not jeopardize the well-being and health of other passengers.