Terms and conditions

Read carefully! The voucher must be printed and handed over to the hostess at the arrivals area in the airport (there is a conveniently located desk with the signboard "FLY SKI SHUTTLE"​), or to the bus driver in case of a return trip.​​
Obligations related to Coronavirus (COVID-19) infection prevention
  • Throughout the whole trip, passengers have to cover their mouth, nose and chin with adequate measures of protection, as required by current regulations on the containment of the COVID-19. Passengers who do not wear adequate protection may be excluded from the trip. In that case, there will be no transportation alternatives or refunds.
  • If requested by law, or the authorities responsible for the control of national and border traffic, passengers must own a certificate testing negative for COVID-19 in conformity with the ongoing health measures. Passengers without an adequate certificate may be excluded from the trip. In that case, there will be no transportation alternatives.
  • From September 1st, travel safe with your Green Pass or equal certificates (pursuant to decree 111 of August the 6th 2021).
  • Green Pass will be checked by the on-board staff before access.
  • General Travel Conditions
    • You must buy your ticket online by 8 am on FRIDAY MORNING of the arrival/departure on Saturday and Sunday. Later on it is possible to make reservations only directly at the airport, subject to availability and timing issues​. If a religious or/and a public holiday will take place on Friday, the reservation will be closed on the previous working day at 8 am.
    • THE DETAILS ON THE VOUCHER (dates, airport of arrival/departure, route, stops, phone numbers) MUST BE CAREFULLY READ by the customer at the time of booking. Trentino Holidays is not responsible for mistakes caused by typing errors made by the customer. Any mistakes or errors must be communicated calling our Customer Service (+39 0461 391111) or by email to booking@flyskishuttle.com within 48 hours upon receiving the voucher​.
    • The voucher must be kept and handed over to the HOSTESS at the arrivals area in the airport (a desk is conveniently located with the signboard "FLY SKI SHUTTLE") or to the bus driver in case of a return trip.
    • Arriving passengers at the airport must report immediately to the FlySki hostess. Departing passengers must be at the pick-up point at least 15 minutes before the pick-up time written on the voucher.
    • DELAYS are possible at departure time with a maximum of 45 minutes of waiting time. Trentino Holidays is not responsible for longer delays, caused by weather conditions and/or heavy traffic and/or delayed connections. The arrival times are only indicative.
    • One piece of hand luggage and one piece of luggage to be stored in the luggage compartment are free of charge for each paying customer. For extra luggage, reservation is mandatory and an extra fee of 10 euros (per segment) applies, regardless of weight and size. It is the customer’s responsibility to check their luggage during travel.In order to avoid mix up or lost luggage when changing vehicles, a label with first name, last name, address and telephone number must be attached to each piece of luggage in a recognizable way.
    • For the transport of ski equipment, reservation must be made and a fee of 5 euros per ski bag, per segment, applies.
    • Transport of dogs, cats or other small-sized domestic pets is allowed only upon reservation and the payment of a 10 euros fee per segment.
    • ​Customers who miss ride 1, in order to be admitted on ride 2, must re-purchase a one-way ticket, provided there are still seats available on ride 2; otherwise, they won’t be eligible for any refund. Customers, who booked ride 2 and arrive in time to take ride 1, can do so at no extra cost in case there are still seats available on ride 1.
    • CANCELLATION: customers are entitled to a refund only if they cancel their transfer by fax or email at least 8 working days prior to the departure day (for return tickets the date of departure will serve as proof). No partial refund will be made for return tickets.
    • NO SHOW: in case of NO SHOW for the outward journey, we automatically cancel the return ticket.
    • It is forbidden to take on the bus any kind of beverage (alcoholic or not) during the transfer without the permission of the driver. The infringement of this rule will result in an immediate removal of the passenger from the vehicle and the interruption of the transfer service.
    • At the sole discretion of the hostess, driver and/or other personnel on duty: passengers who are disruptive, offensive and/or harmful towards either personnel or other passengers won’t be allowed on board and no refund will be given.

    FlySki Shuttle is a cooperative enterprise allowing us to offer low fares. The organization may substitute buses along the route where it deems necessary​.